Tough night in Basingstoke – 20/10/2018



Although not the dominate force they were last season, Basingstoke Bison are still one of the best teams in the league and a game in their barn is a huge task for a team with the resources of Thunder. But the lads arrived full of optimism that they could compete against Tait’s side.
That optimism soon evaporated in the seventh minute when Tait and Klejna spilt apart Thunder’s defence and set up Morris to score the opener. Thunder tried to attack on the counter but rarely broke through to test Mettam in the Bison goal. The last five minutes of the first period sealed the game for Bison, Thunder suffered penalty problems all the night and Bison took advantage with two powerplay goals from man of the match Adam Jones and an even handed goal form Bordowski made it 4 – 0 at the break. Both teams got involved in line brawl in the final minute of the period with some pretty random penalties handed out which bemused both benches.


Thunder held the Bison through the second period but only accredited 1 shot on Mettam in the period. It was a similar story in the third period, although Thunder were much more on the offensive in the final twenty. Just when it looked like Thunder would get to the end without conceding another goal Sampford slotted home Bison’s fifth in the final minute.
Ross Bowers took the beers for Thunder while Jones grabbed them for the Bison.