Club statement on the injury to Ross Bowers


Club Statement on injury to Ross Bowers
During the 3rd period of last nights game against the Romford Raiders, Thunder forward Ross Bowers sustained an extremely serious eye injury as a result of being hit with a high stick, many people in the building didn’t realise the severity of this at time time including his team mates and coaching staff as he got up so quickly from the ice and took himself to the locker room.
Ross was taken to MK Hospital last night but after initial checks he was sent to Stoke Mandeville to be seen in the special eye unit there, he has been in theatre this morning undergoing surgery and we will know more in the next few days about the outcome of that.
At the moment the importance of the hockey game and result take a back seat whilst we take stock of the situation and support Ross and his family in his recovery.
I’m sure all reading this will join us in wishing and hoping for the best for Ross.
Thanks for reading.